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Monday- Thursday: 7:45am-1pm, 2:30pm- 7pm

Friday: 7:45am-1pm, 2:30pm- 6pm,

Saturday by appointment: 9am- 11am

(770) 683-6100  |  2730 Hwy 34 E, Suite C, Newnan, GA 30265

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"I am excited about helping people improve their quality of life. I have worked in Chiropractic clinics in South Carolina and Georgia for over 8 years. I have also worked with Hi-Energy Weight Control Centers and Medifast for 6 years. While working with weight loss clients, my husband and I decided to add a fitness program.¬†¬†Since adding Therapeutic Toning Tables, we help people enjoy their exercise. There are many people who don't like gyms or have trouble with exercising. It's a true joy to see people do things they couldn't do before, feel better, have more energy, have less pain and smile more so they can enjoy family and friends more. I thank God for the opportunity to love and encourage others. I look forward to serving you!"         

~ Linda Lane, Owner

About Renew Fitness

Renew Fitness is a low impact, high results fitness center located at Thomas Crossroads in Newnan, GA. Our center includes Toning Tables, Cardio Eduipment, Fit Express Equipment, an Infrared Sauna and more.

Our Toning Tables provide a method of exercise without the exhaustion and strain on joints. You will be able to get in shape while losing inches.

We have different therapeutic exercise machines (toning tables) that offer a variety of toning options. The toning table moves you as you rest on the table and helps to:

     - Improve posture

     - Strengthen muscles

     - Increase flexibility and mobility

     - Relieve stress and tension

     - Improve circulation and blood flow

     - Trim waistline while firming and toning abdomen area

     - Assist with stiffness of joints, arthritis

     - Tone your muscles and increase energy

     - Improve bone density

     - May reduce cellulite

We assist you, work with what you can do, and document your progress! We also have an Infrared Sauna and Fit Express equipment. Leave energized and refreshed!