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Renew Fitness Center


Let's see if Renew Fitness is a good fit for you.

Are you a man?                                We have a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Are you a woman?                                                There is no need for special clothing.

Are you a senior?                                                    Clients are modest and like privacy.

Do you have a career?                                             There are NO mirrors on the walls.

Are you uncoordinated?                                                        Come on your lunch break.

Are you a stay at home mom?               

Don't like or can't use traditional gyms?          

Do you want to tone your shape and lose inches?

Are you retired, lonely or want to make new friends?

Does it work?


Melanie started Renew at 211 pounds. Everything hurt. She would give out of breath climbing a flight of stairs. In six months, she has lost 37 3/4 inches. Now, nothing hurts. Those stairs... well, she can run up them with no problem now. She's one HAPPY girl!!


for YOU?