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What is Fit Express?

About the Infrared Sauna:

Cardio Equipment:

With our Fit Express equipment, the movement is smooth and easy. This equipment works on hydraulic resistance. You never exceed a weight or range of motion that you are safe and comfortable doing. Increase your agility and strength. Burn fat faster. Feel more energetic!


Our sauna has infrared technology with carbon heaters. The soothing heating system allows your muscles to unwind and your body to relax. It uses color light therapy to increase your relaxation. This sauna's invigorating effect will allow you to let go of your stress. Your body will naturally respond to the release of negative energy. The sauna also has a calming music option and is compatible for MP3s.

Sauna health benefits may include:

• Natural Detoxificaiton

• Relaxation

• Lower Blood Pressure

• Anti-Aging and Skin-Purification  

• Maintained Cell Health

• Weight Loss

• Pain Relief

• Improves Circulation

• Serves as a Form of Wound Healing

We also have Recumbent bikes & Ellipticals. Come get your Cardio fitness on!

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Wow! That sauna was great.  I would recommend it to anyone!                   ~Kathy