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• You will have less aches and pains and enjoy overall better health.

• You will feel refreshed, strengthened, energized and be more flexible.

• Our Therapeutic Toning Tables guide your movements for great results!

• The Toning Tables can put you back in motion regardless of your health issues or limitations.

Come and check out our Toning Tables;

experience the difference - a better life awaits YOU!

Slenderizes the whole leg. Tones inner thighs. Reduces outer thighs.

Tones upper arms, upper back and abs. Improves posture.

Tones buttocks and thighs. Strengthens lower back.

Tones waist, abs and hips. Strengthens lower back.

Tones abs and sides of the waist. Eases tension in lower back.

Tones midriff, abs, waist. Improves flexibility.

Improves circulation and relaxation.

How can you possibly get an effective workout when the tables seem to do the work for you? The tables exploit your natural stretch reflex. Every muscle reacts when it's stretched. By repeatedly going through the motions of normal exercise, toning tables improve strength and motor response. Although the tables guide you through proper movement, you must still exert yourself for the most effective workout. Passive exercise does NOT mean inactive exercise.

Try it today! Achieve the body you've always wanted.

Hydraulic exercise resistance uses hydraulic pistons to provide resistance.

Built with highly engineered hydraulic pistons, resistance is created by how (hard or fast) you either (push or pull) the exercise arms which controls oil flow through dual fluid cylinders.

It's the FEEL-GOOD Exercise!