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Renew Fitness Center



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     I thank God for Dr. Etienne sending me to Renew Fitness Center! What an awesome place… real nice people there and I love the workout! It really helps my joint pain and my fibromyalgia. It’s also a good place to relax!!! Thanks to Linda and her husband Jim for answering the call God put on their lives to help others… a true service of God.     

~ Phyllis 11-13-2016

     I have been dealing with back issues ever since I was struck by a car in 2006 along with some other issues.  I thank God my neurologist sent me to Renew Fitness.  After my 3rd visit, I noticed that I no longer had back pain and in the 2nd week, I could balance on one leg without having to hold onto anything while lifting my leg to put my pants on.  The name Renew is truly a perfect name for this fitness center.  I have been through therapy a few times and it has been helpful, but I still had pain. With Renew Fitness I am pain free!  I can say, if you have lingering pain, try Renew Fitness Center; you will not regret it.  I am truly blessed that my doctor prescribed Renew to me.  I am thankful Jim and Linda introduced this gym to our community. They offer an environment of peace and encouragement.

~ Sheila 3-15-2016

     Renew has Toning Tables... seems crazy... lay down to exercise... but IT WORKS! I have lost 34.5 inches. It's what I call a rejuvenating form of exercise! Low impact, great results!

                                        ~ Wendy

     Love the toning tables! In six months, I have lost 37 inches!!! Come on everybody, "Renew" yourself!!

~ Melanie

     An awesome place to come and get fit. Pleasant atmosphere and you can get a good workout without being worn out or hurting when you're finished. Linda and Jim are great people and I am thankful to have the opportunity to get healthy in this environment.

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~ Renee

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     Since I've started using the toning tables my flexibility is better and I feel better. It is easy on my joints. I have arthritis in my knees so they don't hurt for days after working out.

~ Lois

     I love Renew Fitness Center. It is a wonderful workout and easy on the joints. Since having shoulder surgery over a year ago my arm has been stiff and sore. After 3 weeks working with Linda and the tables, my shoulder is much improved. I'm very glad to have found out about the Center. :-)

~ Jennifer