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I thank God for Dr. Etienne sending me to Renew Fitness Center! What an awesome place… real nice people there and I love the workout! It really helps my joint pain and my fibromyalgia. It’s also a good place to relax!!! Thanks to Linda and her husband Jim for answering the call God put on their lives to help others… a true service of God.     

~ Phyllis

I have been dealing with back issues ever since I was struck by a car in 2006 along with some other issues.  I thank God my neurologist sent me to Renew Fitness.  After my 3rd visit, I noticed that I no longer had back pain and in the 2nd week, I could balance on one leg without having to hold onto anything while lifting my leg to put my pants on.  The name Renew is truly a perfect name for this fitness center.  I have been through therapy a few times and it has been helpful, but I still had pain. With Renew Fitness I am!  I can say, if you have lingering pain, try Renew Fitness Center; you will not regret it.  I am truly blessed that my doctor prescribed Renew to me.  I am thankful Jim and Linda introduced this gym to our community. They offer an environment of peace and encouragement.

~ Sheila

Renew has Toning Tables... seems crazy... lay down to exercise... but IT WORKS! I have lost 34.5 inches. It's what I call a rejuvenating form of exercise! Low impact, great results!

                           ~ Wendy

Love the toning tables! In six months, I have lost 37 inches!!! Come on everybody, "Renew" yourself!!

~ Melanie

An awesome place to come and get fit. Pleasant atmosphere and you can get a good workout without being worn out or hurting when you're finished. Linda and Jim are great people and I am thankful to have the opportunity to get healthy in this environment.

~ Renee

Why Renew Fitness?

Everyone needs to exercise! Why not exercise in a friendly place where everyone is loved, encouraged, and receives individual help! Look and feel your best, have more energy and enjoy a better life! We will show you how!  

Renew Fitness is proud to be partnering with Silver Sneakers and others to make fitness easier than ever!

With our fitness equipment the movement is smooth and easy. Let us help you renew your health!

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